QCIPN Conference & Expo

Health Catalyst is a proud sponsor of the QCIPN Conference & Expo in Honolulu, HI from July 20th-21st. Learn more about the event here. We will have a display table. So if you plan to attend this event, please stop by to say hello.

The Queen’s Clinically Integrated Physician Network (QCIPN) was formed in 2014 from the collaboration between The Queen’s Health Systems, community physicians, and Physician Organizations based on the need for improved health for the state. While Hawai’i is proud to be one of the healthiest states in the country, there is still a strong need for improved health and patient engagement to keep our communities healthy and address critical care needs for those with acute and chronic health issues. There is much to be accomplished to improve the health of our state. Our vision is to work collaboratively as clinicians with our community to provide the best and most efficient health care available, and to actively engage our patients in their care.

To schedule a personal meeting with a member of Health Catalyst during this event contact us via email or phone at 801-365-2786.