Paving The Way For “Fee For Value” With Health Catalyst’s CEO Dan Burton (Harlow on Healthcare (HealthcareRadioNOW) podcast)


[By Dan Burton]

I spoke with Dan Burton, CEO of Health Catalyst, about the range of his company’s work with health care systems when we met at HIMSS 2018. As he put it, Heath Catalyst provides three things:

  • Data platforms to aggregate data from hundreds of sources, creating a single source of truth
  • Applications to analyze data
  • Expertise, so that when a client decides to work on projects that the data has led them to, the company can help them execute those projects

The key point to remember when thinking about patient data is that the EHR, while it’s been the cornerstone, is just one of a multitude of data sources needed in order to get a fuller picture of patient and population health. As Dan said, “the move from paper records to the EHR is necessary, but not sufficient, to harness all the data relating to… View Full Article Here