Patient Safety Improvement Slowed By Ineffective Technology and Low Pay, Survey Shows (McKnight's Longterm Care)


[By Meredith Beirne]

Ineffective technology and a lack of reimbursement are among the reasons patient safety lags in healthcare organizations, a new survey finds.

The Health Catalyst online survey of 462 medical, quality and pharmacy professionals found that only 9% of respondents rated their organizations’ success in improving patient safety as “excellent.” The other survey takers chose either “somewhat good” or “very good” (79%), or “poor” (11%).

In addition to ineffective information technology and a lack of reimbursement for safety initiatives, other barriers preventing healthcare organizations from achieving their patient safety goals include: lack of resources; organization structure, culture or priorities; and changes in patient population and practice setting.

“The big picture takeaway from this survey is that although a small portion of respondents felt they have a good handle on their patient-safety efforts, the largest portion of respondents still believe that they have room for improvement,” said Valere Lemon, RN, MBA, a senior subject matter expert for Health Catalyst.

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