MedTech Impact Conference and Exhibition


Heath Catalyst will be attending the MedTech Impact Expo & Conference in Las Vegas, NV December 9th-10th. The Tarsus Medical Group is pleased to announce this new and innovative conference and exhibition, which gives physicians and hospital administrators the ability to learn best practices and view the latest emerging technologies in the medical field. MedTech Impact is geared toward doctors and hospital administrators and will focus on the latest topics in the medical community.

Dan LeSueur, Vice President of Client Engagement, will be presenting on the topic, “The Three Systems: The Best Approach to Healthcare Analytics.” He’ll be discussing why we believe healthcare needs to be systematized and standardized in three key areas: 1) healthcare analytics or measurement, 2) deployment or how teams and work are organized, and 3) content or how evidence/knowledge is gathered, evaluated, and disseminated for adoption. To learn more about the three systems, our co-founder and executive vice president, Tom Burton, wrote an in-depth article titled, “The Best Approach to Healthcare Analytics.”

Learn more about the event here.

To schedule a personal meeting with a member of Health Catalyst during this event contact us via phone at 801-365-2786.