Live Demonstration of COVID-19 Capacity Planner

Capabilities Updated to Include Targeted Staffing and PPE Demand

COVID-19 Capacity Planning ToolStaggering COVID-19 infection rates require hospital and health care systems to forecast local COVID-19 patient demand in terms of system capacity—with a view into the subsequent impact of infection rates on care delivery capacity. This will enable improved expectation setting, inform mitigation strategy, and drive better patient and operational outcomes.

In early April, Health Catalyst released a public COVID-19 Capacity Planning Tool to address this challenge. The tool is built on the outstanding Penn Med epidemic model—but includes the ability to easily manage multiple scenarios, overlay demand forecasts on capacity (beds and ventilators), and compare model estimates to actuals.

The COVID-19 Capacity Planning Tool takes an epidemiologic approach to capacity management based on modeling the outbreak in local communities—and the subsequent impact of infection rates on healthcare systems’ bed, ventilator, staff and PPE capacity. The tool is designed to work with the decision flow of hospital leaders, operators and analysts.

According to Paul Horstmeier, chief operating officer at Health Catalyst, “We introduced this tool and hosted a live demonstration, featuring capacity planning assistance for the scarcest resources: beds and ventilators. Hundreds have used the demo and joined us for a webinar, and nearly 1,500 unique visitors have viewed the page providing information about the Capacity Planner. Customer requests for the next high-priority additions to this planner included targeted staffing and PPE demand.”

As a result, Health Catalyst launched the next version of the Capacity Planning Tool, supporting staffing and PPE capacity planning features. Join us Friday, April 17 at noon EDT for a 30-minute live demonstration. Experts will explain how the tool works, share best practices for using these new features and answer your questions.

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