Health Catalyst - A Fresh Approach and Architecture for Clinical Analytics (IDC Health Insights)

A recent IDC Health Insights report highlights the need for better data architecture and analytic strategies to improve care in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Judy Hanover, IDC Research Director, characterizes the current state of healthcare data warehousing. She said, “Most providers have found themselves handicapped by the lack of capabilities in the analytics tools embedded in their clinical applications, so third-party analytics offerings increasingly play a role in giving providers the insight to make actionable business decisions and prepare for accountable care.”

It has become clear that too much was expected by EHRs, and recent news, including In Second Look, Few Savings From Digital Health Records from the New York Times, brings that to light. While  the move from paper to digital records provides a new set of analytic capabilities, health systems that expect an EHR to be the analytical engine that drives down costs and increases quality will be disappointed, as evidenced by a Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) viewpoint, EHR Systems Not Capable of Handling ‘Big Data.’ A next-generation data warehouse that is optimized to pull in all clinical, financial, and operational data in weeks instead of years using a late-binding architecture built specifically for healthcare is critical to a solid analytics strategy.

The IDC Health Insights report describes components of that strategy, including approach to CDW, Analytics Considerations, and guidelines for provider considerations.

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