How a Single Source of Truth Database is Helping One Health System Drive Analytics Success (Healthcare IT News)


[By Bill Siwicki (interview via email w/Ray Pankuch at Health Quest)]

Health Quest concluded it needed one database to help inform its approach to various clinical, financial and operational initiatives.
Health Quest, a Hudson Valley-based health system comprising four hospitals and provider organizations, decided it needed a single source of truth database where it could send its staff for projects focused on achieving the Triple Aim.

With some work, it was able to combine its homegrown enterprise data warehouse with another developed by vendor Health Catalyst.

With that goal achieved, Health Quest is now seeing results.

For example, Health Quest’s pharmacy used to spend a great deal of time manually adjusting and filtering reports from multiple data sources. It spent more time doing manual chart reviews and less time doing patient interventions.

Partnering with business intelligence, Health Quest built an internal application that combined the clinical, financial and…View Full Article Here