Health Catalyst Plans to Support Health System Clients’ COVID-19 Response with Three Initial Solutions Focused on Patient Tracking, Public Health Surveillance and Staff Augmentation Support

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – March 17, 2020Health Catalyst, Inc. (“Health Catalyst,” Nasdaq: HCAT), a leading provider of data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations, today announced that, after dozens of conversations with health system clients, the company will initially be offering three COVID-19 Solutions to its domestic clients, with the first of these solutions becoming available to pilot clients by the end of March. The technology associated with these solutions will be offered to all clients at no incremental cost through the end of 2020. In the days and weeks ahead, Health Catalyst will continue to explore with clients additional potential analytics solutions helpful in addressing the COVID-19 situation.

The first solution, Patient & Staff Tracker, is a tailored module of Health Catalyst’s Patient Flow Analytics Accelerator, that offers health system clients the ability to track where patients who test positive for COVID-19 have been within the health system setting, and which staff members have interacted with these patients, to inform capacity management, testing, quarantine, and decontamination activities. Many health systems are compiling this information manually today. This solution automates the process and produces a straightforward and actionable report. Health Catalyst is making this technology module available to all health system clients at no incremental cost, with any associated additional services offered at a discounted rate through the end of 2020.

The second solution, Public Health Surveillance, is a tailored module of Health Catalyst’s Patient Safety Monitor Application Suite, which identifies unusual patterns of symptoms and clinical tests that could represent illness, with the aim of flagging these events of significance in a timely manner to aid in an effective public health response and management of infectious agents. A distinct advantage of the capabilities of the Public Health Surveillance module is to enable clients’ hospital epidemiologists and infection control personnel to perform local, rapid and preliminary assessments of patient-level clinical data and determine whether or not that information is significant to their healthcare system’s bio surveillance programs. The Public Health Surveillance module leverages Health Catalyst’s DOS platform to provide enhanced bio surveillance monitoring and analytics of patients at the initial point of contact with the health care organization and operates in periods of high alert (COVID-19 epidemic) or special events as well as for routine practice. Health Catalyst is making this technology module available to all health system clients at no incremental cost, with any associated additional services offered at a discounted rate through the end of 2020.

The third solution, Staff Augmentation Support, is a service Health Catalyst is offering in response to requests from health system clients to utilize Health Catalyst team members as additional trained analytics, data science, and domain-expert staff members to respond to increased demands placed on health system clients due to COVID-19 treatment. Health Catalyst is offering these staff augmentation support services at a discounted rate through the end of 2020.

“Health Catalyst exists to support health system clients in the effective use of data, analytics and expertise to drive measurable improvements. We are grateful for the opportunity to work in support of our heroic health system clients, whether by providing tailored technology or by working as extended members of their staff, as they strive to effectively respond to this specific COVID-19 situation, and to be well-prepared for future challenges,” said Dan Burton, CEO, of Health Catalyst.

Helping to lead this effort is Stan Pestotnik, MS, RPh, Health Catalyst Senior Vice President of Patient Safety Products, credited with developing and deploying the United States’ first comprehensive clinical decision support software for infection control, antimicrobial stewardship and adverse drug event surveillance. He has authored more than 75 peer-reviewed publications on the clinical use of health IT.

According to Stan, “Health Catalyst’s hope is to empower our hospital and healthcare system partners to use data and analytics to better sort through the noise that can occur in these situations, accurately identify what is occurring, and help our clients contribute to their local public health safety net.”

Holly Rimmasch, Chief Clinical Officer at Health Catalyst, added: “Health Catalyst has the capability to quickly increase access to automated patient safety data, allowing leaders to expand their ability to prevent patient harm and promote patient safety during this situation. From a patient flow perspective, our partners can receive a more holistic view of patients’ movement through the healthcare system and the impact on capacity and workforce exposure.”

While Health Catalyst hopes that these solutions will help health system clients respond to COVID-19 more effectively, the company believes that immediate action is critical in this time of crisis. Health Catalyst therefore also advocates for significant social-distancing measures with its team members. Burton added, “We strongly support, and urge other organizations to immediately adopt, social-distancing measures such as all team members working remotely, travel restrictions, and discouragement of any-size group gatherings. These actions will contribute to the flattening of the curve associated with the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases over time. This will allow health systems to focus their limited capacity on treatment of the most serious COVID-19 cases in the days, weeks and months ahead. Health Catalyst applauds all health systems that are working to prioritize capacity for treatment of serious COVID-19 cases.”

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