Health Catalyst Powering Data-Driven Care Delivery

A huge data deluge surrounds the healthcare sector–from patient records, conditions, co-morbidities to changes in scientific flow. Amidst the transition to value-based care, it is of utmost importance for physicians to unlock the value from the data to provide the best and financially sustainable care. However, they do not have the necessary tools or resources to reach their goals. While deploying an EHR system is one of the necessary steps towards data-driven care delivery, it is not the answer to all the physician problems. Alongside an EHR system, care providers require a platform that provides an enterprise-wide and consistent view of data from multiple sources. Health Catalyst ticks the right boxes when it comes to bridging the path to value-based care. Through its proven enterprise data warehouse and analytics platform, the company is determined to enhance financial, clinical and operational outcomes for population health and accountable care. Health Catalyst has been instrumental in empowering doctors and administrators with near real-time access to a single source of truth. Today, the company has helped enhance care quality, boost efficiency and curtail costs for numerous healthcare organizations from the largest health systems to forward-thinking physician practices.

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