Health Catalyst Executive Dialogue | Strategic Cost Transformation in Healthcare

Health Catalyst is excited to announce its first Executive Dialogue titled, “Strategic Cost Transformation in Healthcare: Using Activity-Based Costing to Understand and Improve Operating Margin.” Learn more about the event and register here.

As organizations adapt to the revenue compression from COVID-19 and increased competition from insurers and digital disrupters, strategic cost transformation becomes critical to success. In order to improve profitability and make strategic cost-reduction decisions, health systems need to have full line-of-sight into their clinical and service-line costs. Allocations/estimates of cost and large pools of overhead are inaccurate, and these obsolete methods have no credibility with physicians and administrators.

Activity-based costing is the only way to accurately measure and assess 100% of your clinical costs, understanding where and how resources are being consumed, and by whom. Supported by advanced extrapolation technologies, activity-based costing can place health systems far ahead of their competitors, and it’s easier to implement than one would think.

We hope that you will join us for this live discussion on activity-based costing, designed for executives, and led by Rob DeMichiei, retired EVP and CFO of UPMC.