Health Catalyst Becomes Utah's New Tech Unicorn (KUTV Video)

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Utah has a new tech unicorn, which is the name given to a private startup company valued at a billion dollars. Health Catalyst is the latest private technology company to hit this level.

The CEO of Health Catalyst Dan Burton spoke exclusively on camera with 2News’ Holly Menino about what this means for his company and for the state of Utah.

“We’re in our eleventh year as a company. As is often the case with companies as they grow and mature, it seems like an overnight success story, that’s often not the case, and for us we’ve been at this a long time, but we’re very excited that as we close this ‘Series F’ round in raising capital for the company that the valuation, that’s being used for that round, places the company at just over a billion dollars,” Burton said.

The Salt Lake City-based business is a healthcare data and analytics company… View Full Article Here

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