Big Data Helps Courage Kenny Connect with Patients (Health Data Management)

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[By Greg Gillespie | August 11, 2016]

Care providers at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute knew there had to be a way they could be more proactive with patients.

The Minneapolis-based rehabilitation institute, now part of the 13-hospital, 61-clinic Allina Health system, annually treats more than 95,000 people trying to regain functionality after suffering strokes, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries, as well as other short and long-term disabilities. But too often, the institute found itself without the information it needed to take the initiative and connect with patients.

“The traditional way we see patients is through a referral from a physician after discharge from one of our hospitals,” explains Kyle Grunder, director of provider operations and program development at the institute. “But when we dug deep into the data, we found that didn’t happen as frequently as it should, and even when patients were referred, they didn’t always make an appointment in the timeframe they needed to. What we needed was a way to catch those patients farther upstream and intervene when their health data indicated they needed it most ”

According to Jill Henly, Courage Kenny’s manager for care coordination, timing is everything.

“There’s a window of opportunity after a traumatic injury to put a patient on the right path and avoid permanent injury, and we felt that too many patients were missing that window, which is typically around 12 weeks,” she says. “We decided we needed to start helping those patients navigate the Allina health system by enrolling them quickly in care coordination programs and actively monitoring their progress.”

To do so, the rehabilitation institute embarked on a big data effort that combines Allina Health’s enterprise electronic health records with information from long-term care facilities and primary care providers as well as Medicaid claims data from the state of Minnesota. The consolidated data and analytics efforts helped it identify… View Full Article

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