Asia Pacific Health Catalyst Executive Dialogue | Democratize Your Data

Health Catalyst is excited to announce its first Asia Pacific Executive Dialogue titled, “Democratize Your Data: Improving Healthcare Outcomes with Quality as a Core Strategy.” Learn more about the event and register here.

Healthcare waste in the United States is an estimated $1 Trillion dollars annually. While no estimate exists for the Asia Pacific region, it is expected to be high given that more than half the world’s population resides here. 95% of healthcare waste is from inappropriate or avoidable cases, clinical variation, and avoidable patient injuries. 5% is in administrative, technical, and supply chain inefficiencies. This waste combined with increasing demand from aging and chronically ill populations is rapidly increasing healthcare costs.

Given the pressure on governments and payors to decrease costs, there is increased focus on value-based care. How well is your organization progressing on the journey to value-based care? Do hospital teams understand data and analytics and the necessary tools to drive meaningful outcome improvements? Can you quantify the financial impacts in clinical variance and measure the true cost of care?

We hope that you will join us for this executive dialogue with Brent James, MD, MStat, who sits on the MOH International Advisory Board in Singapore, and Rob DeMichiei, retired EVP and CFO of UPMC.