How Data Transparency is Driving Analytics to Drive Value (Health Leaders Media)

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[Posted September 15, 2015 by Scott Mace, for HealthLeaders Media]

Measuring the value of healthcare and using the data to influence outcomes isn’t a distant goal. It’s happening now and physicians are starting to get the message.

The message to physicians and healthcare executives couldn’t be any clearer: Since your outcomes performance is more and more a matter of public record, you had better get a handle on the value you deliver before the public does.

After attending the Health Catalyst Analytics Summit last week in Salt Lake City, I am convinced that health leaders are not just talking about measuring value sometime in the future. They are doing it today and driving better outcomes, using that data transparency to get through to recalcitrant physicians and healthcare executives.

One such leader is Jay T. Bishoff, MD, director of the Intermountain Urological Institute at Intermountain Healthcare. He has to convince his fellow urologists and surgeons to pay attention to a series of dashboards displaying prostate cancer patient outcomes, including not only the cancer’s progress or control, but also side effects such as incontinence or impotency…  Click to View Health Leaders Media Article