Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit

Health Catalyst’s SVP, Paul Horstmeier, will be attending Gartner’s Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit this Spring 2014.

More on Gartner BI & Analytics Summit (March 31-April 2, 2014)

The Gartner BI & Analytics Summit 2014 gives you the information you need to apply new BI and analytics technologies to your company to improve performance management, generate new revenue and drive progress toward business goals

The 2014 summit will provide you with actionable insight on big data, on leadership and in making the business case for analytics — insight that you can implement immediately back at the office.

Hot topics to be covered:

  • Big Data technologies, such as Hadoop, noSQL
  • Infonomics, vaulting your data assets
  • Sensor technology
  • Considerations of ethical limitations of BI
  • Modern trends in BI such as visualization

Learn more about the Gartner summits here.