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Women Tech Awards Honors Utah Women ‘at Every Level’

Jenny Rollins | Oct. 1, 2021 SALT LAKE CITY — As the bios of 21 female finalists were read during Utah’s Women Tech Awards ceremony Thursday, two major themes stood out: family and inclusion. The eight awardees were a diverse group of women…

Patient Safety Advocates Want New Government Agency to Curb Patient Harms (Modern Healthcare)

Lisa Gillespie | Sept. 22, 2021 Efforts to form a national patient safety board would shape how medical errors and other patient harms are handled within the nation’s hospitals. Revived efforts for a national patient safety board would build a stronger framework for reducing harm within hospitals, stakeholders hope.

Enhancing the Digital Patient Experience at Texas Children’s Hospital (Healthcare IT Today)

By John Lynn | Sep 21, 2021 There’s nothing better than learning about enhancing the digital patient experience than to hear from people who have been on the front lines doing it. As part of the Healthcare Analytics Summit 21 Virtual Event put on by Health Catalyst, attendees got to hear from Carrie Rys, MBA, Assistant Vice […]

Health Catalyst Releases New Research Tool to Connect Researchers, Match Patients to Trials (Fierce Biotech)

By Kyle LaHucik | Sep 10, 2021 Health Catalyst thinks clinical trial recruitment could receive an upgrade, so it launched a new tool to connect researchers and patients.  The data and analytics technology company unveiled a new research tool Friday that connects hospitals, medical centers, biopharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations. The tool also helps these groups search […]

Why It Matters: Data Driven Approaches to Create a More Sustainable Healthcare Ecosystem (MONEY FM 89.3)

As the average human lifespan increases across the globe, the healthcare industry faces a rising demand to use data driven approaches for greater transparency. Dr Lee Hong Huei, Chief Operating Officer, Smarter Health, shares about Smarter Health’s technology and the role it plays in Singapore’s healthcare ecosystem

17 Healthcare Companies Ranked Best Places to Work on Glassdoor (Becker’s Hospital Review)

By Hannah Mitchell | June 22, 2021 Job and recruiting site Glassdoor released the winners of its annual Employees’ Choice Award, honoring the 100 best places to work in the U.S. in 2021. The ratings are based on anonymous employee feedback on their employer…

Health Catalyst Scoops Up Patient Engagement Company Twistle (Fierce Healthcare)

By Heather Landi | June 25, 2021 Data analytics company Health Catalyst plans to acquire a patient engagement platform to boost its population health capabilities for healthcare organizations moving to value-based care. The company will buy Twistle’s equity interests for about $104.5 million, plus a potential earn-out of up to $65 million based on performance […]

How Healthcare Organisations Are Tapping Data Analytics (ComputerWeekly)

By Aaron Tan, TechTarget | June 15, 2021 Healthcare providers and institutions have been mining data for years to improve patient outcomes, advance medical research and cut waste in the case of regional healthcare networks. The trend will continue as digitalisation efforts intensify amid the pandemic, unlocking troves of data that can be used to […]

Latest Partnership Aims to Eliminate Health System Waste in Southeast Asia (MobiHealthNews)

By Adam Ang | June 14, 2021 Singaporean health tech firm Smarter Health and Health Catalyst, a US-based provider of healthcare data analytics solutions, have formed a strategic partnership to help reduce waste across Southeast Asia’s healthcare ecosystem by providing efficient data exchange between stakeholders as well as data-driven insights. In an interview with MobiHealthNews, […]

Data-driven Approach Can Bring More Transparent and Sustainable Healthcare Pricing Model (BioSpectrum)

In conversation with, • Farhana Nakhooda, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Health Catalyst • Dr Hong Huei Lee, Chief Operating Officer, Smarter Health As the world grapples with an ageing population and high incidences of chronic diseases. the gaps in healthcare have prominently surfaced. A corresponding step in rebooting healthcare seems to be the only […]

Agility and Resilience to Hurdle Ahead (The Business Times)

By FARHANA NAKHOODA | May 24, 2021 THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: How should businesses plan for recurrent COVID-19 clampdowns in response to new waves of infection? The focus should be on finding a sustainable approach to overcome successive waves of infection, instead of tackling each wave on its own. Optimising healthcare resources will be crucial in […]

Cutting Healthcare Waste: a Win-Win for Providers, Payers, patients (The Business Times)

By FARHANA NAKHOODA | May 18, 2021 CONSUMERS are undoubtedly feeling the pinch with healthcare costs on the rise. MediShield Life premiums rose last year to ensure that the fund remains solvent and sustainable. An ongoing debate between the Life Insurance Association Singapore (LIA) and the Singapore Medical Association (SMA) revolves ultimately around a lack […]

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