What Are the Top Patient Engagement Measures in Value-Based Care? (Patient Engagement HIT)


[By Sara Heath]

With more providers turning to patient engagement to drive success in their value-based care models, they are working to tie those initiatives to actionable results. To meet that need, providers are tapping a variety of patient engagement measures.

Some regulatory requirements, such as MACRA or the MyHealthEData initiative, measure patient engagement by rewarding reimbursement to successful providers. However, those measure are not effective for or revered by all providers.

Many experts say those regulatory burdens are too prescriptive and do not portray their actual patient engagement efforts and results. As such, several healthcare organizations are using their own patient engagement measures in addition to those regulatory requirements.

In theory, a measure that has been adopted for and adapted by an individual healthcare organization will assess the unique, niche needs of a certain patient population.

Below, PatientEngagementHIT.com discusses some of the common patient engagement measures and how organizations use them to drive organizational improvement.

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