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The starting point for all Health Catalyst data and analytics solutions is our Late-Binding (TM) data warehouse.  This foundation is critical to enable healthcare organizations to automate extraction, aggregation, and integration of clinical, financial, administrative, patient experience, and regularly measures reporting. Once installed, healthcare organizations can apply advanced healthcare analytics to organize and measure clinical, patient safety, cost, and patient satisfaction processes and outcomes. For basic Meaningful Use reporting,  we have found certified basic Meaningful Use measures are best provided by EMR vendors, and therefore Health Catalyst does not attempt to duplicate the basic Meaningful Use solution already provided.  However, our data warehousing and analytics solutions can significantly streamline and enhance Meaningful User reporting in many ways:

  1.  Our data warehouse can significantly streamline the automation  of gathering and reporting measures.  Many health systems have a mixture of automated and manual systems because the data does not reside in one source.  A data warehouse can help significantly streamline that process.  We focus on decreasing abstraction time to support regulatory requirements.  We also work to eliminate manual processes and errors and increase the timeliness of the reporting.
  2. Our data warehouse can be particularly helpful in the growing mixed EMR environment.  As many health systems merge or combine systems, multi-EMR specific reporting becomes extremely challenging, requiring duplicate processes and manual interventions.  Our data warehouse can be a point of source system data consolidation to significantly streamline Meaningful Use data aggregation and reporting.
  3. Perhaps the most important value add is our ability to provide drill down capability beyond status reporting to identify the potential cause and effect of the under performing measure(s).   Too often, Meaningful Use reports and dashboards are only capable of reporting what happened, but not very useful in diagnosing the “how” and the “why”.  With a Health Catalyst Late-Binding (TM) Data Warehouse and our suite of analytics applications, you can not only monitor and report measures on a timely basis, but you can identify problem areas much earlier in the process and then have the data and tools to diagnose and fix problems before the measures are final.

A Few Examples

One example that demonstrates the capability and benefit of these multi-faceted, data warehouse and application-based dashboards is contained in one of our client success stories titled  “Improving Population Health Through the Use of Data and Reporting”. This is an example of using coordinated care dashboards for much more than regulatory reporting. Another article, titled “Meaningful Use and ACO Reporting — Why an EMR is Only a Partial Solution” discusses  the ever-increasing external healthcare reporting requirements and why an EMR is only a partial solution due to limitations in data turnaround time, data and logic multi-purposing, and the limited use of an EMR solution in a single-vendor, homogenous environment.  It also discussed how streamlined Meaningful Use reporting can be a springboard to supporting clinical quality improvement, population health, and even predictive analytics in the future. We have a number of applications that can be used in quality reporting initiatives, including Population Explorer, Readmission Explorer and Predictive Readmission Analyzer. Health Catalyst has the tools and the expertise to work with your data and deliver top performing tools. If you have interest or questions, feel free to contact us or schedule a demo by filling out our online form.

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Improving Population Health Through the Use of Data and Reporting success story

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