Just five percent of patients consume close to 50 percent of an average health system’s utilization and costs of care. This means effective population health management programs must have a strong care management focus. Until now, care management teams were forced to use a patchwork of products and fill the gaps with manual work. Teams were spread thin and challenged with an ever-increasing number of patients. At Health Catalyst®, we believe care teams deserve a dynamic end-to-end solution that helps drive the work on improving care while lowering costs—a solution that delivers the right care to the right patient at the right time. Introducing the Care Management Software Suite™, developed in partnership with industry leaders. The suite focuses on the five core competencies of care management: 1. Data Integration, 2. Patient Stratification and Intake, 3. Care Coordination, 4. Patient Engagement, and 5. Performance Measurement. Watch this video for a look at how it all works together and what it means for efficient population health.