The dominant solution over the past few years of IT system “rip and replace” during M&As and other partnerships is costing organizations more than just money. In fact, a typical rip-and-replace approach results in 74% over schedule, 59% over budget, and 56% less value than predicted. 1,2

A Better Strategy: Integrate Your Data

Data has a profound impact on healthcare organizations’ pre- and post-merger activities yet is easily and often overlooked. Historically technology and talent were the primary assets used to weigh the value of M&A activity, but data is an equal pillar—a strategic asset that can help accelerate and drive value in new alliances and traditional M&As.

Learn the Value of a Data Over Systems Approach


The Key to Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions Success: Don’t Rip and Replace Your IT

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Critical Healthcare M&A Strategies: A Data-driven Approach

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Join industry leaders Dale Sanders and Tim Zoph on 4/25 as they discuss key M&A concerns for C-suite executives and the importance of valuing data over systems to derive the greatest possible value from an M&A or partnership.

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