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The Analytic System: Discovering Patterns in the Data

June 25, 2014
John Haughom, MD

Senior Advisor, Health Catalyst

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • How the distinction between random variation and assignable cause variation is critically important to patient care
  • Creation and application of Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts to:
    • Monitor process variation over time
    • Differentiate between assignable cause and random cause variation
    • Assess effectiveness of change on a given process
    • Achieve and maintain process stability
  • How implementing inlier management and creating a collaborative environment will drive continuous improvement
  • How to identify patterns in data using a live demonstration of advanced analytical tools.
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The Analytic System: Discovering Patterns in the Data

Join Dr. Haughom as he continues his webinar series with the next installment. He will help you better understand the power of discovering meaningful patterns in your data and the potential to make large-scale improvements in quality, safety, and efficiency. Dr. Haughom set the stage for this upcoming discussion in his previous webinar, explaining the key components of an effective analytical system that enables self-exploration and learning.

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