Network, Technology, and Data: Missing Pieces of the Puzzle for Clinical Trials Success

September 29, 2021
Sadiqa Mahmood, DDS, MPH

General Manager & Senior Vice President, Life Sciences Business

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • How to break barriers to enable successful clinical research as a care option.
  • How clinical research impacts patient satisfaction and revenue of their organizations health systems.
  • How to reduce barriers to patient access and recruitment and reduce costs.
  • How to drive insights into study design workflows and patient recruitment through use of Touchstone Match and Twistle™ and participation in the HCRN. 

There is a massive shortfall in the enrollment and accrual of patients for clinical trials. Identifying the “right patients for the right trials at the right time” is a growing concern for providers, pharmaceutical companies, and clinical research organizations. 

Studies have shown that frustration in the user experience and lack of engagement causes patients to pause treatment and/or give up on participation completely. For example, patients must often travel to traditional research centers, which can be inconvenient and far from home. Additionally, clinical trials suffer from lack of diversity and inclusiveness.

As a care option to optimize population health strategy, clinical research has a positive impact on healthcare organizations, providers, and patients. The industry can use the following pillars to support and optimize clinical research:   

  • A data-driven approach for finding patients for clinical trials and research, including new sources of patients.
  • Faster time to value for feasibility research and clinical trial design. 
  • A cross-industry learning research network.
  • A patient engagement platform that ensures a human-centered process.

In this webinar, Health Catalyst’s Sadiqa Mahmood, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Life Sciences, and a guest industry expert will discuss the evolution and future of clinical trials. A presentation will follow by Emmanuel Cocodia, Vice President, Product Strategy, who will outline Health Catalyst’s strategy to address the challenges of clinical research through the Health Catalyst Research Network™ (HCRN) & Touchstone Match™. 

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