Introducing the New Care Management Suite: A Comprehensive, Data-driven Approach

Amy Flaster, MD, MBA

Senior Vice President, Population Health Management and Care Management

Darian Allen

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Population Health

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • Provides a rich, more comprehensive data set—including the ability to look across a wide variety of data sources combining clinical and claims data.
  • Offers a patient-centric view—optimized for care management workflows.
  • Supports a wide range of analytic capabilities—algorithm transparency and flexibility enabling users to confidently explain, demonstrate, and continuously optimize care management processes.
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Introducing the New Care Management Suite: A Comprehensive, Data-driven Approach

In this webinar, Amy Flaster, MD, MBA, and Darian Allen will share the current state of the care management landscape and discuss trends from across the country that highlight risk model biases, the impacts of COVID-19, and the importance of evaluating program ROI. Our Care Management Suite has the capabilities and flexibility to adjust to the ever-changing health environment by identifying the most impactable patients, supporting the entire clinical care pathway, and optimizing program ROI and profitability.

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Real World Analytics: Advancing Methods and Literacy in Healthcare

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