How to Eliminate the Burden of Provider Quality Measurement

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • Measures engine —calculates performance for all provider quality measures for all payer programs using every available data element.
  • Performance dashboard —visualizes all performance metrics for daily tracking, prioritization, and internal reporting for all stakeholders, especially physicians.
  • Submission engine —submits compliant data to payers.
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How to Eliminate the Burden of Provider Quality Measurement

In this webinar featuring Rachel Katz and Darren O’Brien, you’ll learn how Able Health combines all data, measures, visualizations, and workflows (monitor, improve, and submit) into one complete solution. Eliminating the complexity, and therefore the burden, of provider quality measurement means you spend more time improving performance and less time managing data. You’ll also learn how each of the three core components of the Able Health solution makes more efficient quality measurement possible.

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