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The Epicenter of the Pandemic: Driving Transformation at Northwell Health

December 2, 2020
Chris Hutchins

Vice President, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Northwell Health

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • How to use data marts to drive self-service analytics
  • Strategies to drive transformation
  • Why health systems should design a flexible model for a cohort definition
  • How to align critical resources to enable rapid response
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The Epicenter of the Pandemic: Driving Transformation at Northwell Health

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic materially amplified Northwell Health’s necessary speed from question to answer. At the peak of the pandemic, Northwell, the hardest hit healthcare system in the United States, had to manage an evolving cohort definition for COVID-19, an additional 200 beds daily, and new healthcare professionals from across the country. Navigating this crisis required careful planning, communication, coordination, and research, which necessitated unprecedented collaboration, an extensive patient registry, access to key datasets, geocoding, and serology testing. In this webinar, Chris Hutchins speaks about the data-driven response Northwell Health implemented from day one of the pandemic, the successes and lessons learned, and how organizations can use technology and analytics for future infection tracking and patient care.

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