The Doctor’s Orders For Engaging Physicians to Drive Improvements

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • Identify the levels of physician leadership in your organization you can engage to drive improvement.
  • Pinpoint the types of data and information of most interest to physician leaders.
  • Propose several ways data to use data to engage physicians in leading improvement work.
  • Help you develop at least one mechanism you can use to better engage physicians in improvement work at your organization.
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The Doctor’s Orders For Engaging Physicians to Drive Improvements

To apply interventions for improvement, health systems must first determine if the problem is technical or adaptive. In this webinar, David Wild, MD, MBA, and Jack Beal, JD explore how the University of Kansas Health System engages physicians to lead data-driven improvement work. They also discuss the value of data to drive long-term system improvement and how to increase physician engagement.

Reviewing the Healthcare Analytics Adoption Model: A Roadmap and Recipe for Analytic Maturity

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