Making Quality Your Core Business Strategy: A Foundational Element

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • Defining waste in healthcare
  • How removing waste can improve quality
  • Proven methods to create clinical change leadership
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Making Quality Your Core Business Strategy: A Foundational Element

Join this webinar with Brent James, MD, MStat as he discusses clinical changes required to create and maintain quality improvement to remove waste and improve financial performance. At its best and most effective, strong clinical change leadership links directly to the values and culture of the healing professions. One critical, early step in driving quality as a core business strategy is creating a cadre of leaders, spread through all levels of an organization, who have a deep understanding of care delivery science. These leaders are the key vehicle for culture change, quality improvements in daily operations, and long-term organizational success.

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A Systematic Framework for the Delivery of Safe, Highly Reliable Care and Habitual Operational Excellence

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