Master Data Management


The Master Data Management subsystem of Catalyst’s Late-Binding™ Data Bus supports shared, cross-system data objects including patient identifiers, provider identifiers, and subsets of standard medical vocabularies like ICD-9. Patient and provider identifiers are instances of common linkable identifiers.

Typically, each source system within an enterprise maintains its own definition of common data identifiers, like a patient identifier or provider identifier. In many systems, these identifiers are unique to each source system but are not shared or used by other systems in the enterprise. For data aggregating systems like the EDW, these identifiers must be linked or mapped to one another for the system to properly identify patient or provider information used in multiple systems.

Some enterprises use a common indexing system, like an enterprise master patient index (eMPI), to manage a consistent set of details about a patient or provider, including system-specific identifiers, shared identifiers (MRN), demographics information, insurance information, and other details commonly used by many of the enterprise’s source systems. Other systems default to using the EMR’s concept of a patient identifier for all transactions across systems. The eMPI is intended to be the single source of truth for a set of data objects used across the enterprise. In systems with an eMPI, the EDW can leverage the common system identifier managed by the eMPI system. In systems without an eMPI or that lack a common notion of a patient or provider identifier, the Master Data Management subsystem infers and links these common linkable identifiers.

Another type of master data are controlled medical vocabularies like ICD-9, ICD-10, LOINC, and CPT codes. Most institutions use these codes for data exchange between systems, billing, and external reporting purposes. Catalyst’s applications use these codes and their mappings to build patient cohorts and metrics definitions. These code sets are critical to the proper functioning of applications. Catalyst’s applications contain subsets of common code sets like ICD-9 for use in the definition of patient cohorts. These code sets are managed in the Master Data Management subsystem.

Catalyst’s Master Data Management subsystem is intended to be used in the Catalyst EDW for mapping patient and provider identifiers between source systems and to manage common terminology used in the EDW. This subsystem is not intended to be a full-featured eMPI replacement or terminology management system.


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