Content Repositories


Content Repositories organize and store common metric definitions, algorithms, predictive models, hierarchies, cohort rules, and knowledge assets. These content repositories drive the creation of Subject Area Marts (SAM), which feed all Health Catalyst applications. Subject Area Mart Designer (SAM Designer) works in conjunction with these content repositories and other tools to manage the lifecycles of both new and existing applications.

SAM Designer can browse the content repository, copy an existing rule or metric, modify it, and then save it back to that content repository for future deployment into the EDW. Each content repository assists in the management of SAM versions, names, and other information about a particular SAM.

The content repositories are also an integral part of the system update and maintenance process. New or updated SAMs can be uploaded from Health Catalyst or another content repository for local use. Metadata, managed in content repositories, track history of the SAM definition, version information, licensing requirements, and other details necessary to manage the lifecycle of a particular SAM.


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