Advanced Analytics

Less Time Managing Data, More Time Visualizing It.

A key to outcomes-driven analytic insights is extracting the data needed (and only the data needed) to:

  • Build custom Subject Area Marts (SAMs) that measure specific cost and quality metrics
  • Feed business intelligence tools to create visualizations of trends

Health Catalyst’s Late-Binding™ architecture and applications help healthcare organizations rapidly achieve both for a broad scope of clinical and operational processes.

Rapid Construction

The Health Catalyst Analytics Platform bypasses the laborious process of retrieving data from individual source systems to build custom SAMs by leveraging the power of content repositories.

The metadata-driven ETL engine integrates source-system data into the EDW, organizing and storing common metric definitions, algorithms, predictive models, hierarchies, cohort rules, and knowledge assets in content repositories.


Custom SAM

SAM Designer

SAM Designer can browse content repositories, copy an existing rule or metric, modify it, and then save it back to a content repository for future deployment into the EDW.

Once late-bound data is fed into analytics applications targeting specific interventions, users begin to delve into insights, create and analyze visualizations, and kick off improvement initiatives.

The Health Catalyst architecture includes out-of-the-box data applications ready for deployment to hundreds of users shortly after key data sources are loaded.

Lifecycle Management

Content repositories are also an integral part of the system update and maintenance process. New or updated SAMs can be uploaded from Health Catalyst or another content repository for local use.

Metadata, managed in content repositories, tracks the history of the SAM definition, version information, licensing requirements, and other details necessary to manage the lifecycle of a particular SAM.

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