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    EDW Console


    Your ETL Dashboard

    EDW Console is a web-based ETL management dashboard for administrators to configure batches, execute ETL tasks, and monitor the health of the EDW. If malfunctions and errors arise, the dashboard points out where to take corrective actions.

    While Atlas – EDW Console’s companion tool – is available to many users, only administrators can access EDW Console.

    Easily and Efficiently:

    Configure Batches

    • See all sources brought into the EDW
    • Create, view, modify, and remove the batch definitions of each source system
    • Search and filter batch definitions
    • Drill into various packages

    Execute ETL Tasks

    • Create, schedule, run, and cancel batches in Source Marts and Subject Area Marts
    • Launch and relaunch ETL tasks
    • Check the status of execution processes

    Monitor the Health of the EDW

    • View batch and table load history
    • Access detailed logging tables
    • See error messages when loads fail
    • Correct error conditions


    EDW Console