Health Catalyst® Analytics Platform

The Health Catalyst Analytics Platform is the breakthrough technology at the foundation of Health Catalyst’s Late-Binding™ Data Warehouse.


Power of the Platform

It isn’t a lack of data that makes it challenging for healthcare organizations to uncover opportunities to lower costs and improve care. Just one patient encounter can generate hundreds of rows of data in source systems spanning nearly every area.

Without a way to organize that data into an enterprise data warehouse, volumes of clinical, financial, patient satisfaction, and administrative data sit trapped in silos. Leaders risk making critical business and clinical decisions based on only fragments of the big picture.

Turning Data Into Outcomes

Powered by a unique, metadata-driven ETL engine, the Health Catalyst® Analytics Platform extracts data from a healthcare organization’s many source systems and gathers them into Health Catalyst’s Late-Binding™ Data Warehouse, where it binds the right data, at the right time, and at the right place.

When surfaced later in interactive visualizations, decision makers can bring that quality, cross-organizational data into focus and deliver specific, actionable interventions in quality, outcomes, patient safety, and waste reduction.


Insights in Weeks and Months, Not Years

  • Fastest implementation in the industry
  • Rapid time to value
  • Near-real-time data

Success Story: Read how Crystal Run Healthcare designed, built, and launched their CAP EDW platform in only 54 days.

Cross-Organizational Discovery

  • Integrate disparate data across the organization into a single source of truth
  • Link data (like patient information) between silos
  • Uncover opportunities for actionable interventions
  • Quickly adapt to changing needs and market conditions

Powerful, Intuitive Software and Tools

Health Catalyst Analytics Platform

Health Catalyst Analytics Platform

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