Instant Data Entry Application

Deploy a Custom Data-Collection App in a Matter of Minutes

Sometimes a source system doesn’t include a slice of data you need. Use the Instant Data Entry Application (IDEA) to build and deploy custom web applications to collect it. Data entered flows right into the Late-Binding™ Data Warehouse.

You can create as many applications as you need, manage them in a central place, and set up mappings and lookup lists to scale for enterprise needs.

IDEA dash

IDEA Applications Can:

  • Fill gaps in the data-collection process
  • Serve as a temporary stopgap measure to collect data while a permanent solution is being implemented
  • Capture custom lists and hierarchies required for reporting
  • Collect data for research and quality improvement initiatives

IDEA applications are iPad and tablet friendly:

Idea application


  • Create and deploy applications in minutes
  • Initiate research or improvement projects without requesting IT to build a custom application
  • Don’t have to purchase another product

In practice, through the right culture, IDEA has the ability to end department-level, Excel-based data collection.

API Connections

A JSON REST API provides programmatic access to create, read, and write IDEA applications from any client.

Extend the IDEA API to other tools, including QlikView, BO, Cognos, and more. Users update existing data based on what they see in the presentation layer.

Ways Catalyst Clients Are Using IDEA

Supplement Missing Data in a Source System

  • Clinical or workflow items, such as follow-up calls
  • Slowly changing dimensions, like provider-to-provider grouping to date range, or department names

Organize or Group Data

  • Group lab codes into usable categories
  • Assignments of MDs to a group practice

Create a Standalone Data-Capture System

  • Lab, finance, and other data not in the EDW to populate an executive dashboard
  • Lean metrics for a perioperative project

Custom Purposes

  • Survey questions and responses
  • Direct observation information (hand hygiene, tubing changes, dressing changes)

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