Master Data Management

Link identifiers and medical vocabularies across multiple source systems into a single, consistent point of reference.

In many health organizations, each source system maintains its own definition of common data identifiers, like patients or providers.

For data-aggregating systems like an EDW, those identifiers must be linked or mapped to one another across the enterprise to accurately qualify identifiers in multiple source systems. Just as critical is managing code sets in controlled medical vocabularies.

The Value of Master Data Management

Master data management is, at its most basic, the process of linking identity data and reference data across multiple IT systems into a single, consistent point of reference. That single point of reference could be a patient ID, a procedure code, a controlled medical vocabulary, or any of a wide array of others.

Linking Identifiers

The Health Catalyst EDW uses master data management to map identifiers across source systems. Supported shared, cross-system data objects include:

  • Patient identifiers
  • Provider identifiers
  • Subsets of standard medical vocabularies

Success Story

Read how master data management components in the Catalyst Analytics Platform enabled Partners HealthCare to connect more than 10.5 million patients across sources and facilities and achieve a 96–99 percent matching rate for high-risk patients.

Managing Common Terminology

Another type of master data is controlled medical vocabularies like ICD-9, ICD-10, LOINC, and CPT codes. Healthcare organizations often use these codes to exchange data between systems, for billing, and for external reporting purposes.

Health Catalyst’s applications use these codes and their mappings to build patient cohorts and metrics definitions. Because these code sets are critical for applications to function, Health Catalyst manages them in its master data management subsystem.

Integration with VisionWare MultiVue

The Catalyst Analytics Platform offers integration with MultiVue, VisionWare’s comprehensive MDM solution, to resolve duplicate patient and provider identities in the Catalyst EDW.

Please note:

  • MultiVue does not manage reference terminology.
  • MultiVue is licensed separately. Contact Health Catalyst Sales for pricing.

Health Catalyst’s master data management subsystem is not a replacement for a full-featured eMPI or terminology management system.

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