Idera SQL Compliance Manager Monitors EDW Servers to Protect Data and Minimize Costly Downtime.

Idera is a highly rated, third-party SQL server auditing appliance packaged with Health Catalyst’s EDW solution that expeditiously monitors server activity and quickly alerts administrators of problems.

Real-time Monitoring

  • Captures and generates detailed access logs of server activity and user access
  • Monitors the server’s health and performance
  • Sends instant alerts to a central console or mobile device

Fast Diagnosis and Remediation

  • Provides diagnostics solution
  • Identify performance bottlenecks

Easy Trend Spotting

  • Stores historical performance data in a central repository for strategic analysis of long-term trends and capacity
  • Diagnoses historical SQL Server performance problems

Secure Data Collection

  • Provides simple, secure data collection from a background service
  • Does not install agents or components of any kind on the monitored SQL Servers

Common Users

  • Database administrators (DBAs)
  • Data warehouse directors or managers
  • Data warehouse personnel (e.g., data architects)
  • Compliance departments (e.g., audit log inquiries)

Typical Setup in the Health Catalyst Analytics Platform

Idera SQL Compliance Manager can be configured for a variety of database setups. Following is typical client setup in the Health Catalyst Analytics Platform:


Visit Idera to read more about Idera SQL Compliance Manager.

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