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    Your Window Into the EDW


    Atlas is a web-based, user-friendly index of metadata stored in the EDW. Information about columns is generally loaded from source-system data dictionaries and enhanced by subject-matter experts. Use Atlas to search, browse, and analyze that data.

    Discover Information within the EDW

    A keyword search combs each data mart, table, and column in the metadata repository to show:

    • The source and lineage of data
    • How often it’s updated
    • Data examples, samples, and types
    • Descriptions of the physical data tables and columns
    • Any known data quality issues
    • Contact information for data stewards

    Curate the Data

    Atlas’s wiki-style contribution model encourages users to:

    • Add notes about data and data sources
    • Review and refine metadata in the EDW
    • Create and edit descriptions for objects in the data warehouse
    • Make comments
    • Create a self-sufficient community

    Track the Most Up-to-Date Data

    Data in the EDW updates daily. RSS feeds alert you to changes.

    Manage Access Rights

    Data stewards – subject-matter experts in a particular data mart – manage access rights, evaluate and improve data quality, and answer questions about the data.




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