The Real Opportunity of Precision Medicine and How to Not Miss Out

Precision medicine, defined as a new model of patient-powered research that will give clinicians the ability to select the best treatment for an individual patient, holds the key that will allow health IT to merge advances in genomics research with new methods for managing and analyzing large data sets. This will accelerate research and biomedical discoveries. However, clinical improvements are often designed to reduce variation. So, how do systems balance tailoring medicine to each patient with standardizing care? The answer is precise registries. For example, using registries that can account for the most accurate, specific patients and disease, clinicians can use gene variant knowledge bases to provide personalized care.

Anatomy of Healthcare Delivery Model: How a Systematic Approach Can Transform Care Delivery (white paper)

Read about this breakthrough model and framework, developed and refined by Dr. David Burton during his 25 years of executive healthcare experience. This model creates a framework that maps major healthcare processes into common patterns and process flows that can then be used to systematically examine and improve healthcare delivery. By using a systematized framework to reduce variations in clinical and operational processes, health systems can experience sustainable cost and quality gains. This framework won’t eliminate critical thinking, but it will provide a standardized, evidence-based approach to care delivery, which will bring all care up to the same, high standard.

Why An EHR Can’t Solve Your Most Urgent Healthcare-transformation Challenges (Executive Report)

At no time in the history of U.S. healthcare has a flexible, scalable platform for delivering data-driven insights been more important than it is today. But EHRs alone don’t provide the intelligence that physicians, group practices, and hospitals need to significantly improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of care delivery. Learn what you can do to harness all of the data you’re collecting to make real change.