Health Catalyst Named a Best Place to Work for Women in Utah

Career Contessa (a blog for professional women) selected Health Catalyst as one of Salt Lake City’s top 5 companies with the best benefits for women thanks to a culture that prioritizes work-life balance and offers numerous benefits:

  1. Unlimited paid time off
  2. Onsite gym
  3. Wellness program
  4. Breakrooms with free food and drink
  5. Flexible work hours
  6. Treadmill and stand-up desks
  7. Above average compensation

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Health Catalyst Jobs: Growing and Innovating with Help from Utah

The State of Utah is helping Health Catalyst grow and add jobs through tax incentives. This will mean almost 300 potential new jobs located in Utah over the next five years. We consider this to be a kind of investment Utah is making in Health Catalyst. Utah is experiencing booming growth and as Health Catalyst achieves success, we add to this growth by contributing jobs and providing economic stimulus to support industries around us. We are grateful to Utah for the vote of confidence in allocating its scare and important public resources. It’s an honor to work and live here.

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How We Really Feel about Working at Health Catalyst

As Health Catalyst, we love working here. Besides the great benefits, work environment, and opportunities for growth, we’re most appreciative of the way our leaders care about us. Watch this fun video to see what it’s like to work here.

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