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1. Culture of Improvement

Foster and encourage a culture of data driven, continuous improvement, which requires strong executive leadership and broad access to key performance indicators.

2. Maximize Revenue

    • Capture full reimbursement by demonstrating clinical excellence
    • Improve clinical documentation to capture full payment on contingent contracts
    • Negotiate shared savings agreements with payers
    • Minimize revenue leakage

3. Manage Case Mix

Utilize an effective medical perimeter of ambulatory providers to prevent unnecessary admissions, ED visits, and readmissions while still delivering quality care.

4. Sustainable Cost Reduction

Sustainable cost reduction requires a foundation of clinician-driven standardization and programs to boost unit-level productivity through more flexible, demand-sensitive care process models.

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Texas Children’s Hospital: “Blending Clinical and Financial Data to Drive the Value Equation”

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  • Texas Children’s Hospital
  • Charles Macias, MD
  • Date/Time: Wednesday, 2/26, 1 PM
  • Location: Room 304A, Session #191
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By expanding its implementation of an enterprise data warehouse to include integration of financial with clinical information, Texas Children’s Hospital has encouraged clinicians to become financial stewards of the organization while preserving their focus on high-quality patient care.


  • Illustrate how the deployment of an enterprise data warehouse and care process team can enable a blend of clinical and financial data to drive improved outcomes and improved value
  • Assess the effectiveness of an organization’s quality gaps in the context of a Key Process Analysis and reimbursement modeling to ensure organizational readiness, drive efficiency and leverage opportunities to improve quality
  • Evaluate how changes in the value model can affect the organization’s bottom line (for example, reducing LOS or X-ray utilization balanced against a patient-centric model of care delivery)
  • Describe how an EDW and care process implementation can encourage a culture of quality and safety, providing physicians with the necessary tools to integrate financial relevance into the practice of delivering high-quality healthcare

Stanford Hospital and Clinics: “Improving Outcomes with an Innovative Approach to Population Health Analytics”

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  • Stanford Hospital &Clinics
  • Speakers: Yohan Vetteth, Pravene Nath
  • Date/Time: Thursday, 2/27, 12 PM
  • Location: Room 304A, Session #229
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Stanford Hospital and Clinics (SHC) deployed innovative enterprise data warehouse architecture and a multi-disciplinary approach toward quality interventions and population health management. As a result, SHC has improved primary care coordination of patients with chronic conditions, reduced 30-day hospital readmissions and optimized its ability to manage population health.


  • Discuss how the deployment of a late-binding electronic data warehouse architecture and evidence-based best practice intervention plans improved health outcomes for patients, such as a reduction in 30-day hospital readmissions for heart failure patients
  • Evaluate the advantages of data binding to build in agility and support multiple use cases for clinical analytics
  • Assess how the use of analytics dashboards and collaborative care teams can help drive population health management
  • Discuss the multidisciplinary approach to implementing an analytics platform by simply not providing answers but by helping to ask better questions

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