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Health Catalyst understands the strategic value of IT integration in healthcare mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships. No matter where you are on your merger and acquisition (M&A) timeline, our data integration expertise and technology, including the Health Catalyst Data Operating System (DOS™), will help you reduce the costs of IT integration, rapidly increase the new organization’s value proposition, and successfully navigate these arduous undertakings.

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Mergers, Acquisitions, And Partnerships: Dramatically Reducing IT Consolidation Expenses With A Data Operating System

Dale Sanders, President of Technology, explains his experiences, observations, and advice about using a data operating system (DOS™) to reduce the costs of IT integration in healthcare M&A, and rapidly increase the new organization’s value proposition.
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Benefits of Using DOS™ in your Healthcare M&A, and/or Partnership

Benefit #1: Arms you with the right IT Integration strategy.

Benefit #2: Reduces the cost of integrating clinical, supply chain, human resources, finance, and GL data to support the delivery of faster, better care to a broader scope of patients.

Benefit #3: Rapidly increases the new organization’s value proposition.


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