The Survey Results For Our Three Advertising Concepts

Thanks to everyone who responded to our short advertising-concept survey.  We received more feedback and participation in that email than we ever have before from an email in the history of Health Catalyst. So now we’d like to share the results.

As a reminder, prior to the Christmas break, we sent out a survey asking for your opinion on three advertising concepts.  Rather than make the determination ourselves of which direction we wanted to pursue, we wanted to see what you thought of them.

Our goal was to find out which of the three concepts you felt did the best job of both introducing and communicating a short, high-level message about Health Catalyst. The concepts we presented were just initial ideas but each used a very different approach. We’re now in the process of taking the “winning” direction and improving upon it.

Here are the results of your feedback:

The Overwhelming Winner Was Advertising Concept #1

Hands down, the strongly preferred advertising concept was concept #1, shown below

Concept #1

This concept was preferred by 59.1% of you, with only 16.8% preferring ad concept #2 and 24.1% preferring ad concept #3.  You also gave this ad concept a 7.01 on a scale of 1-10, compared to 4.53 for ad concept #2 and 5.27 for ad concept #3, making ad concept #1 the clear winner among the three.  If you were a clinician, you liked this concept even more; over half of the responding clinicians rated this an 8, 9 or 10.  This definitely hit the mark for a portion of you.

What you liked about ad concept #1

We received a lot of comments about what you liked about this concept.  Your primary positive feedback was around the clarity of the message and graphic.  The following are examples of some of the most common comments:

  • It was “clear and to the point”
  • The message was “strong and succinct”
  • “The logo was more noticeable”
  • The graphic and illustration was “immediately recognizable”
  • You didn’t have to read the text to “get it”
  • Many of you said this was “eye catching”

You also gave positive feedback on the message of this ad:

  • “ability to connect the dots, identify valuable information hidden in the data”
  • “linking the provider’s hands-on practice to data”
  • “the stethoscope and white coat gets at the pulse of healthcare”
  • “a working heartbeat is analogous to a working system”
  • “data is at the heart of everything”
  • “bringing together the human versus virtual world”
  • “modern, informative, up-to-date, classy”
  • “I liked the last line ‘Things will never be the same.’  You get it, Things are changing and challenging”

Suggestions for improvement for ad concept #1

Even though this concept was strongly preferred, there were a number of suggestions for improving the ad both from the respondents who preferred and didn’t prefer this concept.  This is always the hard part about advertising – incorporating suggestions for improvement without changing or affecting what worked in the first place.  Here were some of the potential themes for improvement, grouped in several categories.

  • Some of you felt that while the ad was a quick read, the text and visual were not quite “catchy” enough.  Some of you felt the picture might not stand out very well in a magazine like Modern Healthcare because the doctor visual seemed similar to others you had seen before.
  • Some of you wondered whether we could improve the “connecting dots” visual.  Some mentioned that analytics is more than connecting dots.  Others wondered if we could add more specificity to the data “dots” to be clearer on what type of data we were connecting (like adding the words “readmissions” or “length of stay” to give examples of the types of data we were connecting).
  • Some of you felt we could improve the messaging within the body copy of the ad.  Some of you felt the messaging within ad concept #2 was clearer and wondered if we could combine.  Others wondered if we could better explain the benefits of data analytics and better tap into the frustrations clinicians currently feel with EMRs where they see lots of “extra work with no benefit.”  Others felt we could do a better job of logically connecting the “heartbeat of healthcare” and “things will never be the same.”

Survey Feedback for Advertising Concept #2

As mentioned above, Ad Concept #2 was your least preferred concept, with only 16.8% preferring this as their favorite concept and an average rating of 4.53.  This concept is shown below.

concept #2

Those that preferred this concept liked it for several thematic reasons:

  • They liked the specificity of the message and felt this explained the benefits of data analytics well
  • They felt this ad was the more attention getting.

However, there were many that gave negative input for this ad in several categories

  • Many of you simply did not like the numbers on the face concept.  Some of you strongly disliked it, saying it was “creepy” or “unnerving”
  • Many of your said the text was too small and hard to read
  • Others said the child’s face didn’t immediately say or represent “healthcare” to you nearly as quickly as ad concept #1
  • Many of you did not quickly get the message or what Health Catalyst stood for.

Survey Feedback for Advertising Concept #3

Ad Concept #3 was only preferred by 24.1%, with an average rating of 5.27 percent.  This concept is also shown below.

concept #3

Those that preferred this concept liked it for several thematic reasons:

  • They felt this was more attention-getting
  • They liked the headline and copy, especially how it spoke to the clinician role and potential benefit
  • They liked how this represented data in a more complex way, which it is.

The negative feedback for this ad centered in several themes:

  • Many people did not feel the cross was a good representation for the broader healthcare continuum for several reasons:
    • It was not immediately intuitive this represented healthcare
    • For those who saw the healthcare symbolism, it appeared to only represent the a religious segment of healthcare and, even then, only one specific religious segment
  • Many commented that the text was too small and hard to read
  • The graphic was not a quick read for the subject and message.

Our next steps

Based on your feedback, we will take ad concept #1 and try some modifications based on your feedback to make it even better.  If we come up with various alternatives, we may reach out again for round 2 of your input.

Thanks again for your feedback.