Learn from the Best in Healthcare Data Visualization at Health Catalyst University™ During HAS™ 2017

Forward-thinking healthcare executives who need to better understand the plethora of data now available in their organizations understand the value of visualizing data. Through visualization, data and numbers that may be otherwise meaningless are presented in a way that anyone can use and understand. It’s extracting hidden and underlying insights and revealing them through interpretive charts that go far beyond pies and bars.

Those who want to know more about data visualization and how it can be used to accelerate outcomes improvement will have the opportunity to learn from the best at the Health Catalyst University™ during the 2017 Healthcare Analytics Summit™. The course leaders, Curtis Harris, senior business intelligence developer, Andrew Frueh, director of user experience, and Patrick Anderson, analytics director, have extensive experience in the visualization field, and teach data visualization at the university level. And Curtis is the Iron Viz Champion from Tableau’s 2016 customer conference.

The workshop is designed for everyone who touches data as part of their daily routine, from frontline staff to data architects and analysts. The goals of the track are fourfold:

  1. Describe why visualization is important.
  2. Recognize commonly accepted presentation rules.
  3. Identify weakness in existing visualizations.
  4. Execute the critical steps for effective chart creation.

Attendees will learn how to visualize datasets, employ their skills in pulling data for improvement, and discover what steps are needed to distill meaningful action from visualizations. This hands-on workshop includes several phases:

  • Data sculpting.
  • Chart perception and how people read charts.
  • Idea sketching.
  • Prototype building.
  • Interaction with various visualization tools.
  • Presenting declarative and exploratory data-driven scenarios.

Join us for the Health Catalyst University training on September 11 before the 2017 Healthcare Analytics Summit officially kicks off in Salt Lake City.

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