HAS™ 16 Metrics: The Who, What, Why…and 80’s Nostalgia

The 2016 Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS) saw 1,045 attendees from 281 organizations, and we compiled their feedback, likes, dislikes, and beliefs about the summit and the healthcare industry (as well as their thoughts about 80’s nostalgia) into one infographic. An amazing 74 percent of those participants were healthcare providers. The crowd was an experienced one with 34 percent reporting between 10 and 20 years of healthcare involvement. And, we are grateful almost everyone (99 percent) believed we stuck to our commitment to make HAS 16 an educational experience (rather than a selling one).

While most attendees have organizations with a data warehouse in place (84 percent), only 58 percent said that data warehouse is successful and a mere 22 percent would consider their organizations in the advanced stage of adopting analytics. On the positive side, 80 percent believed that value-based reimbursement will make the quality of care better or somewhat better, although 39 percent said that today’s healthcare ecosystem is missing an important data set for value-based care models—social determinant of health data (outside the health system). But most attendees believed the power to change was held in the hospital; 46 percent said “Hospitals/Health Systems” will most significantly affect and drive successful accountable care models in the future—more than physicians/physician groups (33 percent) and government entities (21 percent).

Finally, this year at HAS featured an 80’s night, and we were curious about those fond memories. For most people (30 percent), Super Mario Brothers held the favored spot in video games of the decade, but PAC-MAN followed right on Mario and Luigi’s heels with 29 percent. Shoulder pads seemed to be an especially memorable fashion trend, as it beat out leg warmers (33 percent) and spandex (15 percent) at 40 percent. And we like to think we’ll end up at a place where everybody knows our name because 35 percent reported that Cheers was their favorite 80’s TV show—followed by The Wonder Years (26 percent) and The A-Team (18 percent).

See the infographic (click to enlarge) to get all the details and HAS 16 stats. We’re looking forward to next year!


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