What is the General Ledger Explorer?

General Ledger Explorer provides actionable visualizations of general ledger data (actual and budget) and an interactive variance analysis feature that allows users to identify major variances within the cost center hierarchy and account hierarchy. The result? Users have easy access to timely, accurate financial data for better insight and wiser management.

To make informed decisions about employee productivity, supply utilization, and other areas that have a direct impact on a hospital’s bottom line, leaders need quick access to a blend of financial and operational data. Yet, these data types are often housed in separate subsystems—creating a challenge to pull together accurate data, analyze budget performance variances, and share results efficiently to guide decisions.


General Ledger Explorer Benefits and Features

Access a single, shareable source of truth.

High-level financial and operational performance measures are combined in a predictable and consistent manner—ensuring that stakeholders can review the same data and access the same insight.

Understand the drivers of financial performance.

The application gives users ample means to explore the data. Guided navigation and drill-down capabilities provide answers to the series of questions typically asked, and embedded variance analysis makes it easy to zoom in on major contributors to variance.

Review the latest data, for the best decisions.

The General Ledger application can be set to automatic refresh as new data is available, allowing users make timely management decisions to help meet budget expense targets.

General Ledger Explorer Use Case

One hospital system’s leadership and operational managers had become increasingly frustrated by their inability to get timely data or access an accurate view of their current variances; as in many systems, their data collection and analysis was a manual process requiring coordination across multiple departments and systems. By implementing General Ledger Explorer, these leaders gained access to integrated financial and operational data as soon as it became available—and the ability to conduct reliable and timely trend and performance-variance analysis. These leaders can now identify issues much sooner, drill down to understand the cause of a variance, and take corrective action.