Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Creating a favorable impact in the communities where we work and live.


Team Member Engagement:
Gallup overall 2019 team member satisfaction scores are in the 99th percentile; highest in the history of the company history.

Salt Lake City, Utah Headquarters Building:
Large percentage of LED lighting along with automatic lighting timers, shutting off the lights at 5:30 pm and turning them back on at 7:30 am.

Reduced Carbon Footprint:
Clean air and a healthy environment are priorities. We have always been remote worker-friendly and provide Telework options for our team members. Overall, 58% of our total number of team members utilize our Telework option.

In 2013, we began working with Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to provide our team members with a public transport option. We rent a UTA van and provide a driver that shuttles team members to and from our office and a Trax/Front Runner light rail station.

Recycling Program:
Our current building management includes a recycling program and provides bins and places to recycle all plastics, cardboard, and aluminum cans. Each new team member is given a reusable water bottle to reduce plastic use.


Improvements with Customers:
The data below is a subset of the documented improvements we categorize as having a ‘positive societal impact’ and is inclusive of data from documented improvements that have occurred from Q1 2018 through Q3 2019.

2,350 lives saved:
This includes lives saved related to early detection and treatment of sepsis, appropriate surgical interventions, etc.

47K more days at home:
Due to the reduced length of stay and readmissions reductions, people were able to spend more time at home.

94K individuals received potentially life-saving preventative care:
Increased rates of colorectal cancer and breast cancer screening, and improved hypertension control, cardiovascular health, immunization rates, and diabetes management.

2.2 million fewer opioids in the community:
Use of evidence-based prescribing practices without negatively impacting an individual’s satisfaction with pain relief.

Corporate Women Tech Council sponsor
Silicon Slopes

Gifts and Giving

Total team member donations
Giving portal named, Motivosity and in the last six years, team members have raised a total of $14,467 across the following non-profit organizations:

      • Utah Food Bank, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Operation Underground Railroad, JDRF, Big Brothers Big Sisters, PetSmart Charities, Sierra Club, Operation Home Front, Operation Smile, Encircle, No Kid Hungry, Blessed Friends: Partners in Health – Haiti, Hurricane Dorian Relief, Code Shelter, YWCA – Utah, Rare Disease Day, Step Up, Bring Hope to Puerto Rico, TCH Patient Fund, Red Cross, LDS Charities, Salvation Army, UTMB Employee Fund, Catholic Charities.


Day of Service

2019: 638 Individual sign-ups – 2,552 Estimated Service Hours

2018: 523 Individual sign-ups – 2,092 Estimated Service Hours

2017: 429 Individual sign-ups -1,716 Estimated Service Hours

2016: 352 Individual sign-ups – 1,408 Estimated Service Hours

TOTAL: 7,768 Estimated Service Hours

Kids Code

      • Introduced coding to >200 4th and 6th-grade kids in an underprivileged school.
      • >400 team member volunteer hours during3 years.
      • Across all groups surveyed, 27% of boys said they knew a lot about coding before starting, compared to 16% of girls; by the end of that program, the gap closed to 40% for both boys and girls.


      • Health Catalyst team members have volunteered the last 2 years of SheTech programming, put on by Women Tech Council (the annual STEM activation day that attracts 3000 female high school students from the state of Utah).

Health Catalyst women engineering scholarships

      • 3 engineering scholarships given; 2 are currently employed full-time by Health Catalyst; 1 is still in the bootcamp.

Health Catalyst Employee Resource Groups

      • Women Empowered (WE) – 108 members, and company-wide events held at least quarterly since mid-2018.Company-wide group + 2 chapters: Pacific Northwest and Minneapolis.
      • Queers & Allies (Q&A) – 81 members, and monthly social events since founding in early 2019.
      • Veterans & Allies (V&A) – 37 remote members. This group is still in the planning stages.

Inclusion & Parity (as of 1/1/2020)

      • Female team members make up 36% of our total workforce.
      • Women comprise 32% of our Leadership Team.
      • 27% of our company’s board members are women.
      • Achieved near-perfect gender pay parity, within 1%.
      • Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS) Girls in Tech Scholarship sent 5 high school girls to HAS in 2019.
      • Regularly conduct company-wide Unconscious Bias Awareness training.
      • Health Catalyst Mentorship Program (37 mentor/mentee matches).

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