John A. Kane

John A. (Jack) Kane graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor and masters degree in accounting. Kane started his career with what is now Ernst & Young LLP in the Boston, MA office. In 1984 Kane left to join IDX Systems Corporation in Burlington Vermont. Mr. Kane served as Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration, Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”), and Treasurer of IDX Systems Corporation until GE Healthcare acquired IDX in 2006. While at IDX, Mr. Kane guided the company through more than a dozen acquisitions and at various times managed the finance, facilities, legal, human resources, and information systems functions for the company. Mr. Kane serves as a director of a dozen private organizations, mostly in the healthcare technology field. He also served as a director of Merchants Bancshares, Inc. (MBVT) from 2005 to 2014. Mr. Kane’s experience auditing financial statements at Ernst & Young LLP, directorships with other public companies, and experience as CFO of a health care software technology company led our Board of Directors to conclude that he should serve as a director. Our Board of Directors chose Mr. Kane to serve as a director and chairman of the audit committee because of his financial and accounting skills and experience related to auditing financial statements.