Readmissions Explorer - Part 1 (Product Demo)


Readmissions Explorer – Part 1

This two-part video demo shows how to use Readmission Explorer (part 1, 4 minutes) and a detailed explanation of the information available in each tab of the application (part 2, 7 minutes).  Viewed together, you’ll learn how to find:

  • Readmission rates for specific diagnosis based on clinical program (part 1)
  • Readmissions numbers per clinical program and as a percentage of the whole (part 1)
  • Slicing data by clinical program, primary specialty, patient age, provider, patient and more (part 1)
  • Definitions used by Readmission Explorer associated with various diagnoses (part 2)
  • Exploration of details presented in each of the application’s seven tabs including Readmission Analysis, Readmission Summary, Index Analysis, Readmission Details, and CMS Readmissions (part 2)
  • Unique filters available for custom views including inpatient-to-inpatient, inpatient-to-emergency and emergency-to-emergency, as well as filtering by age, clinical program, specialty and more (part 2)