Forecast Impact on Care Delivery Capacity
This product spans multiple phases: Prepare Prevent Recover Plan

Capacity Planning Tool

Forecast your local COVID-19 demand in the context of your system capacity, supplies, and staffing—and the subsequent impact of infection rates on care delivery capacity—to set expectations and inform mitigation strategy:

  • Built on the outstanding Penn Med epidemic model—with additional features.
  • Forecast infections based upon actual county level data and dynamic infection spread rates (Empirical Model).
  • Easily manage multiple scenarios.
  • Overlay demand forecasts on your capacity (beds and ventilators).
  • Compare model estimates to actuals.
  • Estimate demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) and staff.
  • Export assumptions and results for further use.

The COVID-19 Capacity Planning Tool is an epidemiologic approach to capacity management based on modeling the outbreak in local communities—and the subsequent impact of infection rates on the healthcare systems’ ability to respond in terms of beds, ventilators, staff, PPE, etc.—all designed to fit within the decision flow of hospital leaders, operators, and analysts.

Identify Location and Exposures within the Health System
This product spans multiple phases: Prepare Prevent Recover Plan

Patient & Staff Tracker

Access reports that track the location of COVID-19 patients within the health system—and which staff members they have interacted with—to inform:

  • Testing.
  • Quarantine efforts.
  • Decontamination activities.

Patient & Staff Tracker is a tailored module of Health Catalyst’s Patient Flow Analytics Accelerator, and this technology is available to all health system clients at no incremental cost, with any associated additional services offered at a discounted rate, through the end of 2020.

Use Trending Data to Enhance Public Health Response
This product spans multiple phases: Prepare Prevent Recover Plan

Patient Safety Monitor™ Application: Public Health

Leverage Health Catalyst’s DOS™ platform for enhanced biosurveillance monitoring and analytics of patients at the initial point of patient contact with the healthcare organization:

  • Identify and flag unusual symptom/clinical test patterns that could represent illness.
  • Respond quickly to aid in an effective public health response and management infectious agents.
  • Enable hospital epidemiologists and infection control personnel to perform local, rapid, and preliminary assessments of patient-level clinical data and determine whether that information is significant to their healthcare system’s biosurveillance programs.

COVID-19 surveillance triggers belong to the Patient Safety Monitor™ Application’s newly released public health unit; these are additional to triggers previously released as part of the all-cause harm unit.

Automated Detection and Analysis at Patient and Population Level
This product spans multiple phases: Prepare Prevent Recover Plan

Patient Safety Launch Solution: COVID-19

Launch a rapid response to emerging patient safety and public health challenges. Highly configurable and fast to deploy, the Patient Safety Launch Solution is a slimmed-down, tactical version of our full Patient Safety Solution. It includes the COVID-19 triggers in our public health unit and leverages data from numerous source systems in your healthcare system—EHRs, laboratory information systems, and more—to support your efforts to:

  • Surveil and analyze clinical data to aid in situational awareness.
  • Recognize patterns in signs and symptoms that may help identify cases and yield insight into COVID-19’s presentation and course.
  • Conduct differential diagnosis of emerging infections.

The module allows for automated detection and analysis at both the patient and population-levels.

Deepen and Accelerate Understanding of the Outbreak
This product spans multiple phases: Prepare Prevent Recover Plan

Touchstone® COVID-19 Registry and Insights

Track and understand confirmed COVID-19 patients—and identify suspected cases—to provide robust insights about diagnoses and severe COVID-19 related outcomes. Proprietary algorithms and terminology value sets paired with expert consulting have supported a number of valuable use cases:

  • Assess the potential benefits of medications, such as hydroxychloroquine.
  • Evaluate care pathways associated with common COVID-19 drugs using custom analytics and a “plug and play” framework.
  • Leverage insights about diagnostic journeys, symptom presentation, treatment landscape, and outcomes assessment to evaluate the patient journey.
  • Characterize patients using rich demographic data such as age, race, ethnicity, and geographic location, in addition to information about comorbidities and medical history.

Touchstone includes deidentified data from 80 million patients across the United States to enable population-based research and derive insights about surveillance, testing, capacity planning, and treatment response. It includes tracking data from three national sources—Johns Hopkins University, the New York Times, and The COVID Tracking Project—enabling data analysts to dig into the data not only from within their healthcare system, but also from across the country. Paired with the national COVID-19 registry, Touchstone enables deep understanding of COVID-19 treatments and outcomes.

Earn Credit from CMS for COVID Trials
This product spans multiple phases: Prepare Prevent Recover Plan

COVID-19 Clinical Trials Tracking (MIPS) in Able Health by Health Catalyst

Track participation in COVID-related clinical trials for credit in MIPS within your existing measures-tracking workflow in Able Health.

CMS is offering MIPS-eligible providers credit in the Improvement Activities category of MIPS for participating in a COVID-related clinical trial. The MIPS Tracking functionality enables providers to attest that they participated in an eligible trial as part of their MIPS submission.

Align to COVID-19 Regulatory Requirements for Coding and Billing
This product spans multiple phases: Prepare Prevent Recover Plan

Vitalware®: Mid-Revenue Cycle Solutions for COVID-19 New

Capture more earned revenue and ensure regulatory compliance with accurate, up-to-date COVID-19 coding content integrated in Vitalware mid-revenue cycle solutions:

  • Quickly adapt to changing COVID-19 billing and coding guidelines with frequently updated content resources and interpretations.
  • Reduce denials and resubmissions through increased accuracy of COVID-19 coding and billing.
  • Increase accuracy of the chargemaster and analysis of claims.

Vitalware enables hospitals to confidently collect revenue amidst rapidly evolving COVID-19 requirements by proactively analyzing and managing their financial foundation.

COVID-19 Case Studies

Health Catalyst client partners are leveraging existing analytics solutions together with COVID-19-specific tools to navigate all the stages of the pandemic. With comprehensive data and actionable insights, health systems are responding more rapidly and appropriately to COVID-19, delivering better patient care in the short term and ensuring positive clinical, operational, and financial performance in the long term.

The Analytics Emergency: Rapid Deployment of Real-Time Analytics, Enabled Incident Command

Featured Outcomes

  • In less than 16 hours, deployed integrated, real-time dashboards for monitoring all COVID-19 activity, including patient testing and activity, care requirements, and supply utilization.
  • 99.8 percent relative reduction in processing time, providing incident command the critical data required to drive informed decision making.
  • Thousands of patients tested for COVID-19.
  • Integrated workforce and COVID-19 data for more than 13,000 employees, volunteers, and contractors.

Integrated Data Platform Improves the Effectiveness of State-wide COVID-19 Surveillance

Featured Outcomes

  • In just two weeks, implemented a COVID-19 reporting solution, enabling robust state-wide surveillance for public health purposes.
  • Dramatic reduction in the time required to implement robust public health reporting.
  • Integrated COVID-19 surveillance data and analytics for more than 150 hospitals and two large diagnostic companies.

Virtual Visits and Analytics Enable Continued Delivery of Ambulatory Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

Featured Outcomes

  • Nearly 70X increase in the number of telehealth visits—in just two weeks. Approximately 11,000 weekly virtual health visits.
  • 64 specialties providing virtual health visits—nearly 2,000 providers have completed a virtual health appointment.
  • Successfully maintained pre-COVID-19 visit volumes.

Improving Population Health: Data-Driven Approach to Identifying and Engaging Patients with High Risk of Mortality from COVID-19

Featured Outcomes

  • Developed and deployed the algorithm for COVID-19 risk for mortality within four days. The algorithm was applied and visualized on MemorialCare’s entire ACO population.
  • Within one week, the algorithm was expanded to include MemorialCare’s entire HMO population.
  • 66 percent of individuals in the extremely high-risk category of MemorialCare’s ACO population were engaged by care management.

Responding and Recovering in Clinic Operations with Advanced Analytics

Featured Outcomes

  • In just one week, deployed integrated dashboards for managing clinic capacity, visit volume, COVID-19 mobile appointments, and telehealth appointments.
  • Supported the shift of telehealth from a supplement to a primary modality, allowing its customers to lay the foundation for more comprehensive and available virtual care.
  • Provided the data and analytics critical for both the ongoing management of the clinical realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, and business redesign to drive financial recovery.

Virtual Care Analytics Supports Rapid Change in Ambulatory Care Delivery

Featured Outcomes

  • In just one-week, deployed COVID-19 virtual visit scenario planning.
  • Virtual visits now comprise more than 80 percent of all visits—40K visits in just one month.
  • Efficient prioritization of the ambulatory visit backlog.

Analytic Insights Help Drive COVID-19 Financial Recovery Plan

Featured Outcomes

  • Integrated analytics, enabling the organization to develop a long-term surgical financial recovery plan.
  • Hundreds of hours of manual data aggregation and evaluation avoided.
  • Efficient prioritization of the elective surgery backlog.

Analytics Accelerates COVID-19 Elective Surgery Restart

Featured Outcomes

  • In just two weeks, deployed a COVID-19 elective surgery impact analysis application.
  • Data-driven recovery plan with integrated clinical, financial, and operational data and analytics.
  • Hundreds of hours of manual data aggregation and reporting avoided.

COVID-19 Dashboard Enables Effective Incident Command

Featured Outcomes

  • Seven days to develop a COVID-19 dashboard that integrates more than 60 critical metrics.
  • Hundreds of hours of burdensome manual data aggregation and reporting avoided, improving the quality and timeliness of the organization to plan and respond to COVID-19.
  • An integrated view of data for a health system composed of more than five hospitals and hundreds of clinics spread across more than 45 different locations, enabling effective incident management.

Rapid Response Analytics Improves COVID-19 Incident Management Effectiveness

Featured Outcomes

  • In just 15 minutes, developed COVID-19 registry that can be quickly updated based on the most recent evidence.
  • In just 30 minutes, developed and implemented a COVID-19 analytics application.
  • An integrated view of data, enabling effective incident management.

Improving Population Health: Rapid Identification of Patients at Highest Risk of COVID-19

Featured Outcomes

  • Deployed a COVID-19 risk model in just a few days, assigning risk scores to 125,000 members.
  • Within weeks, teams in each market connected with more than 50 percent of the patients at highest risk for COVID-19.
  • At one partner location, telehealth now comprises nearly 70 percent of visits. The partner went from zero telehealth visits in the first 11 weeks of 2020, to more than 2,200 telehealth visits in weeks 12 and 13.

Data and Analytics Helps Deliver Safe Care During the Pandemic

Featured Outcomes

  • Within three weeks, developed multiple analytics solutions to meet varied organizational needs.
  • Integrated data and analytics, and COVID-19 specific metrics for more than 200 patients with COVID-19.
  • Hundreds of hours of manual data collection avoided.

Integrated Data and Analytics Critical for COVID-19 Response and Recovery Planning

Featured Outcomes

  • Visualization of all critical data elements required for effective incident command—in the EMR and the incident command dashboards.
  • Data consistency across all visualizations.
  • Several hundred hours of burdensome manual data collection and review eliminated.

Prioritizing Outreach for Care Coordination Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Featured Outcomes

  • Just three weeks after the governor of Vermont declared a state of emergency, released a COVID-19 care coordination tool, applying the risk criteria to approximately 190K patients.
  • More than 500 cumulative sessions logged in the application across OneCare Vermont’s network.
  • Indicators of social complexity were included in the tool.