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    Comparative Analytic Framework & Exchange (CAFÉ)


    Comparative Analytic Framework & Exchange (CAFÉ) allows participating members to compare outcomes metrics, detailed process metrics, and balanced metrics between health system organizations and national benchmarks in a de-identified manner. It also provides a collaborative framework for organizations to learn and share how they achieved their results by sharing what operational changes, clinical changes, and organizational changes were made.

    The exchange provides automated technology through de-identification algorithms that remove all Personal Health Information (PHI) as well as any organizational identifiers while keeping the clinical integrity of the data.

    The exchange provides extremely rich, atomic-level data sets to participating organizations, which includes detailed process and balanced metrics, knowledge asset repositories, and AIM statement repositories that can help organizations compare the most effective interventions and process steps in achieving better clinical, operational, and satisfaction outcomes. It also provides summary-level comparisons to national benchmarking data

    CAFÉ, along with the Executive Dashboard Integration Tool (EDIT), provides analytic functionality that stays relevant to your organization as you implement Foundational, Discovery, and Advanced Applications.