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    Health Catalyst’s Cultural Attributes: Smart, Hardworking and Humble

    When we were first forming Health Catalyst, we got some good advice: make a list of beliefs and values we didn’t want to change. That list translates today into the Health Catalyst culture:

    Our people are smart

    We hire people who are smart, who love to learn and pick up new skills quickly, independently and with little direction. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each solution we develop, but we also know that an off-the-shelf wheel won’t be the perfect fit every time. So we encourage our people to actively find and pursue innovative solutions that truly solve the problem … and more.

    • I love to learn and I am a lifelong student
    • I strive to master new skills quickly with limited direction
    • I actively discover and pursue innovative solutions
    • I fail fast, recognize my mistakes and correct them quickly

    Our people are hardworking

    Each time we work with a new client, we start by setting a deadline for implementing our platform, and we stick to it until the job is done. Sometimes this means doing more than we were contracted for – and that’s fine. Our team members are willing to do what it takes to get the job done right so that every customer succeeds.

    • I make personal sacrifices, as needed, to get the job done
    • I pace myself to avoid burnout (this is a marathon not a sprint)
    • I stick to the task until the job is completed, then take on new work
    • I am willing to contribute more than my fair share to a project
    • I recognize that not every part of my job will be fun

    Our people are humble

    We give credit where it’s due. And often the credit for a really amazing idea goes to our clients and team members. Our company was built on humility. We appreciate praise and accolades but we never want these wins to blind us to the fact that our own success comes from everyone around us. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

    • I am grateful for what I have
    • I serve others without looking for recognition
    • I recognize that good ideas can come from anyone
    • I assume positive intent
    • I am open to and respond favorably to feedback and coaching
    • I am secure in my own abilities (humble self-confidence)
    • I seek to improve myself before trying to improve others
    • I ask for help when I need it (it’s ok to raise the white flag)
    • I am excited when others succeed and offer sincere praise
    • I put the success of the company above my own self-promotion
    • Is my daily behavior consistent with these attributes?



    • We are passionate about helping customers improve outcomes
    • We create deep relationships with many stakeholders and users
    • We protect the private data of our customers’ patients


    • We pace ourselves for long term success
    • We balance the needs of customers, team members & investors
    • We avoid an “entitlement” mentality
    • We are proactive, action-oriented problem solvers


    • We avoid academically appealing but impractical ideas
    • We seek customer feedback early and often
    • We measure the adoption of our solutions


    • We communicate openly, frequently and honestly
    • We celebrate successes and openly discuss challenges
    • We treat sensitive information confidentially

    Are my daily decisions consistent with these prioritized operating principles?